Saturday, January 29, 2011

My hair in a twist out
This morning I got up early ran to spin class, and then came home to do my wash routine. Last night I was so lazy I did not undo my plats, or oil my hair with olive oil. Before I ran to spin class I rubbed in the oive ol. Then I put on my plastic shower cap, and kept it on all through class. Spin class was great I truly did a lot of sweating. YAY!

I mentioned before about me taking a multivitamin every day. Well I have also added an extra 500 mg of calcium & 1000mg of omega-3. The sensible supplement for me to add to my routine would be Biotin. However Biotin and I are not friends! In the past I have taken huge mcg of Biotin. While I did have nice long nails the cyst acne it caused all over my face and back were not worth it. It has been suggested that I give Biotin another go around, but this time including a B-12 complex supplement.  I am just not ready to take that step as of yet. The only way I am willing to try biotin now is in a very low dose around 250-300 mcg. If anyone knows of a good brand that sells Biotin in those doses please leave the information in the comments section below.

Today's wash went pretty well. I used my Curls shampoo and gave myself one wash. Then I hopped out of the shower and apply my egg, mayonnaise, honey & oils deep conditioner. Did I mention that this deep conditioner is the worse? It continuously runs down my face while I sit under the dryer for 20 minutes. It smells horrible, and is just way to messy. After the deep conditioner I washed everything out, and applied my Giovanni Smooth as Silk conditioner. I put on another shower cap, and left it in my hair while I baked some BBQ chicken. Next, I washed the conditioner out using my ACV rinse. Lastly, I applied my leave in conditioner mixture and put my hair in the usual plats.

P.S. I can't tell if I'm doing well or not guess I will know in 7 months.

Coming week I will use my clarify shampoo (it's been 6 weeks).