Saturday, February 12, 2011

It's sulfur to the Americans, and sulphur to the British. Which ever way you chose to spell sulfur it is currently a hot topic. Their are many women claiming that sublimed sulfur aka Flower of Sulfur helps hair grow. I first noticed this claim on the Long Hair Care Forum. Regularly ladies write about how sulfur helped them achieve miraculous hair growth. So off to google I went to do some research. It seems women of all races, and hair types are praising sublimed sulfur. I was ready, I had my bags all packed, and I was ready to jump on the bandwagon.
 Two issues presented itself. Some people are severely allergic to sulfur, and I stumbled across this website which made me think twice. Numerous women disagree with the things claimed on that website. Their main disagreement is that sublimed sulfur is not sulfuric acid. Ladies argue the website does a great job of confusing people into thinking they are one in the same thing. I am now satisfied with the information I have found. I can use sublime sulfur if I mix it with various oils to dilute it. At my seven month mark if I see no great growth I will mix my own sulfur concoction to aid in my experiment. Until then if anyone has a sulfur hair recipe please share.

Mane Tail Groom
 Mane Tail Groom (MTG) is a mixture popularly used on the Long Hair Care Forum, it's a mixture that already has sulfur in it.