Monday, May 9, 2011

Enough is enough, I have had it! Everyone says keeping my natural hair moisturized will prevent split ends, single strand knots, and breakage.  Once you got a handle on all three of these problems, none of us should have a issue retaining length. Sounds easy right? Well think again! Since the very beginning, I've tried to figure out the best way to keep moisture in my hair. My 4b/4c hair always looks dry (ashy dry), in fact the only time I know it's not dry, is when it's wet and leaving the "Soul Glo" mark on my pillows. Don't act like you haven't seen "Coming To America". Anyways now my expensive pillows, and sheets are covered with oils, and I wouldn't mind if the trade off was moisturized hair.

FIRST: Towards the beginning of this experiment, I made it a practice to duck my head under a faucet 3x per week. Following that I would apply Miss Jessie's Baby Butter Creme, and just go. Now I am wondering if I should have sealed after with a little Shea Butter, or was Miss Jessie's a sealant?? 

SECONDNext I swapped Miss Jessie at a natural hair Meetup, because it was over priced mineral oil and petroleum. I purchased some ivory shea butter, and mixed it with my favorite oils. Daily I would duck my hair under a faucet, and apply the shea butter mixed. The hair looked moisturized for the first three hours and then the rest of the day it was dry (thirsty dry). I was told by a few ladies off a blog, that water alone may not be enough to moisturize my hair.

THIRD: These women explained to me about using a spritz bottle, they directed me to fill a spritz bottle with water, some leave in conditioner, and my favorite oils. Then follow up by sealing. Something must have been wrong with my spritz bottle, because the stuff was too think to come out the nozzle. Nonetheless I fought it out daily and followed up by sealing with my shea mixture. Initially I thought this was working wonders for me, but a few days later I was not so please with the results. I can't remember what it was that I didn't like, but there was something.

FOURTHSo I had my own idea I would ditch the spritz bottle, and duck my head under the faucet daily. Next I rub my leave in conditioner on the ends, and plats. Last I would apply the shea butter mixture as a sealant. The issue here is my hair was always wet. Then I attended a New York natural hair Meetup, and most of the ladies shared that they don't apply moisture every single day. They had me scared to death, because they explained the danger of over moisture (weak brittle, nasty smelling hair).

FIFTH: So I started ducking my head under the faucet 3x per week instead of everyday. I still rub in my leave in conditioner, followed by my shea butter mixture. The issue now is, again my hair seems dry. So now I hear since the water is my apt may be "hard water", it may not be helping. I also hear since my hair type is so coarse, I may need more than water.

Let me put this out there again, I am still unsure if my hair is dry, or that's just it's natural way. I have asked a few ladies at the Natural Hair meetups, but all of them have been too kind, and say it looks healthy. Another meetup is coming up on May 28th, and I will go around the room to speak with each individual about the moisture levels of my hair. After that I will get back to you to decide if I need to go on the hunt for the best moisturizer for natural hair. I saw a few good ones over at BGLH Marketplace, but I only call them good based of the ingredients, nothing else. Any advice ladies, what do you use, and in what order? Please share!

2014 Update: Ladies I am excited about the new moisture regimen I am currently using. Please click the link below to read all about it.