Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Honestly, I don't know if these knots were always there, and I never bothered to notice. I doubt it though, because after researching the blogs,vlogs, forums, and YouTube, I have learned that single strand knots (ssk) mostly plague us curly/kinky hair women. Which makes sense, because once I began wearing my natural hair, from underneath the weave I started to notice them more and more. For you lucky ladies, who don't know what a single strand knot is, let me try and explain. When my hair was straight, via a perm or heat, it was SSK free. On the other hand now that my hair is curly, somehow the end of my hair makes a loop around the middle of a strand and then creates a knot. Yes you just read that right, SKT is when hair forms a knot all by itself (it's magic...lol). I read online that to dermatologist SSK is known as Trichonodosis, however I am not 100% sure about this.

I have some SSK and my next question was how do I avoid them. Every blogger suggest the same things.
1. Add more moisture to the ends of my hair & seal with oil or butter.
2. Sleep on satin bonnet & wrap or twist hair at night.
3. Low manipulation/protective styles.
4. Wash and detangle hair in sections.
I am already doing step1-4, and I'm still getting SSK.
5. Some say detangle with fingers only, other says buy the best $20 & up tool/comb to use instead.
6. All say detangle for the bottom going up.
7. After shampoo, do an Oil Rinse.
8. Do not shampoo the strand only your scalp.
Number 5 & 6 I already do, but number 7 and 8 are new to me. I will try number 7 in June 2011, if my new regimen doesn't work. Number 8 I do not like, because I apply a lot of product on my hair strands. I wash/shampoo in order to remove the product from my whole head, not just my scalp.
9. Washing hair while kept in twist.
10. Keep your natural hair in a stretched state.
Number 9-10 I am already doing and still I have SSK
Since I am already doing most of the things listed above, and I still getting single strand knots. I agree with all the other naturals that SSK are just apart of  life. Nothing can be done to really avoid them, my best hope is to limit the amount of SSK I get. Everyone agrees that once you find them, there are only two ways to remove a SSK. First either by cutting (search a destroy) each specific knot with a scissors. Second if you have the time and patience, you can use a safety pin/needle to remove a SSK. Please click here to read more about that method. My plan to avoid Single Strand Knot is after each wash I will braid/twist my hair into smaller sizes. Plus I will try to braid/twist my hair all the way down to the very ends of each strand. Ladies if you have found a way to limit SSK that it not listed above, please share! The help would be truly appreciated!