Sunday, May 22, 2011

Natural hair can be very boring, it seems I do the same things all the time. Every now and then, to combat the boredom, I think of new things I'd like to try with my hair. The problem is after I come up with an idea, I never follow through with it. I'm aways too chicken! For the past ten years I have wanted to color my hair. Once I was brave enough, and allowed a stylist to apply five small (and thin) lines of color to my bangs. The hair stylist did a horrible job, and I didn't like the outcome at all. Lately, I have seen so many naturals with colorful coifs, and I am envious of them all. So my desire for highlights have returned, and since I am trying to retain length, I need to find the safest route.

I've been reading on the natural hair blogs and forums, about natural hair women who color their hair, only to regret it later. These women report breakage, excessive shedding, and even a loss of curl pattern. The first option that popped into my head was henna. However, after speaking to a few ladies at a natural hair meetup in NYC, I'm not sure henna is an option. These women claim henna does not change a person hair color. They say it can turn some ladies hair a bit auburn, but that depends on what color they started with. Some henna supporters argue the mix should be left in for at least 12 hours "for the dye to release".

My options seem to be Glossing/Glazing, Permanent Color, Demi-Permanent, or Semi-Permanent. Source 
The alter ego in me wants to get Highlights and Lowlights done December 2011 for my birthday. Since my hair is currently breaking, I know that now is not the time to color it. Sadly I am deathly afraid that the bleach will damage all the hair I have been working so hard to retain. The next NYC Natural Hair meetup is coming up soon, and I will ask all the ladies who have altered their hair color, to share in detail their experience. Ladies if you've used henna, and it has dramatically changed your hair color please share. According to MopTop Maven some forms of henna sold, have chemicals in it??