Wednesday, June 22, 2011

At this point, you all know I wash my hair every two weeks. The past six months, I have washed in the same order. However the other day, on the LHCF I came across a seven page thread, that caused me to doubt the order in which I do things. In this thread some women wrote they apply their deep conditioner to their hair before they wet it with any water.
1. Deep Condition (on dry dirty hair)
2. Clean Hair
3. Conditioner, and detangle
4. Style as usual
Normally I saturated my hair with the deep conditioner after it's clean. First I would use my t-shirt, to remove as much water from my hair as possible. Then I would apply the deep conditioner. That's the way I have always done it. Now I wonder, if I would have better results, doing it the way these women suggest. Isn't it still technically a pre poo, just with a better quality product?

Link of the discussion on LHCF.