Sunday, September 4, 2011

My hair has been in mini twist for the past two weeks. Note to self: I will never do that again! It was so hard to unravel the twists, and I felt my hair was locing. Last night, I finished removing those twist. Then I applied some deep conditioner, and put my hair in huge plaits. Today I did a pre poo, and this time around I added some honey. Honey is something, I wanted to incorporate for a long while. I tried to warmed my honey is some hot water, but the water was so hot it completely melted the honey. I went ahead and added some oils to it, and place the contents in my freezer to cool. Once the honey and oils mixture was at a tolerable temperature, I rubbed it onto my hair and scalp. Next I put on a plastic shower cap for 30 minutes. I was eager to clean my hair, but I believe most women leave the honey pre poo on much longer.

After the pre poo, I mixed my calcium bentonite clay with Aloe Vera juice. Side Note: Not all Aloe Vera juice are the same. I am currently using Lily of The Desert (whole leaf) brand, and when I add it to my bentonite clay, I get no sizzle. Versus, when I used Pure Aloe Force. Once I applied the clay to my hair, and left it on for one hour. I rinsed with hot water, and then used a T-Shirt to dry my hair. After I got most of the water out of my hair, I saturated it with my protein free deep conditioner, and sat under my soft bonnet dryer. I sat for 30 minutes, and then I rinse my hair with the twist still in place. Following that, I sprayed Aloe Vera juice all over my hair, and rubbed my leave in conditioner (that I mixed earlier) all over my hair. Next, I rubbed Hot Six oil, and then some of my shea butter mixture on my ends. Then came the tedious task of putting my hair in plaits, which will last me two weeks. Any of you ladies try something new in your hair care regimen this week?