Monday, October 10, 2011

At this point, I am not sure why you ladies follow my blog. The blogs I follow are completely different from mine. They are all ran by women with long hair healthy. These women hardly report breakage, and if they do it's nothing they can't repair with a quick protein treatment. I on the other hand, have been battling with my coarse/kinky/4c hair since the beginning of this experiment. If it's not breaking, it's too dry and if it's not dry then, it's surely breaking. Uhhhh!!!

I went back, and read some of my previous post. It must come off to you all that I have adult ADHD. One post I'm writing about needing help with moisture. Not long after that, I write I have solved my moisture issue. However, a week later I am complaining that my hair is dry. Then there is the breakage issue. I have been ranting about this throughout the whole experiment.

The past weekend, I discovered some new YouTube channels. What stuck out to me is many naturals style their hair every night or every other night. They use wide tooth combs, water and other styling products. I watch in 4c amazement as these women run a comb, or finger through their hair. Then nothing, no strands of hair (NOTHING) and they do this every day! My hair simply won't allow me to touch it. Here's a strange thing I have started to notice. I wash my hair, detangle, and then put it in tight plaits. Two days later, I clean my hair while taking a shower, and Ta-Da!! I now have long strands hanging from the end of my plaits. At first I figured it was just shedding, but no white bulb is visible.

No surprise my hair is still breaking. Even though I only cleanse & dentagle it twice a month. It's still breaking! Regardless of the fact that I have limit the amount of protein I put in it. It's still breaking! Even though I am pretty confident, I have conquered the moisture issue. Sleeping with a silk scarf, and satin pillow case hasn't stopped it from breaking. Consuming, the most vegetables I've even eaten in my life hasn't stopped it from breaking.

I now realize what my hair wants, and what I want are two different things. My hair wishes to be placed in locs and left alone at all times. However, I have other plans, which include styles, and curls, so it will be touched!! The battle rages on....