Thursday, December 24, 2015

I would love to add this process back into my hair regimen. I would only do it once a month, wait who am I kidding, maybe once every 3 months. I remember honey pre poo's being friend to my hair!
I am truly a fan of doing a pre poo! When I have enough time, I always try to incorporate one into my wash day regimen. I first heard about a honey pre poo from my NY curly buddy Ahsiek1118. Frequently, she would share her experience with a honey pre poo via her YouTube channel. Ahsiek1118, has a great head of hair that never looks dry, and always seems to be thriving. So when she said to try a honey pre poo, I did. Instantly, I loved it, but wanted to wait before I ran to you all about it. Everyone has their own recipe for the honey pre poo, and I am no different. I don't measure anything, I just pour! I get a empty activator bottle, and pour honey, rosemary, olive, and jojoba oil into it. Then I warm the bottle in hot water, or if I'm lazy in the microwave for 5-7 minutes. I've learned if you don't warm the honey, it's really sticky, and difficult to rub on dry hair! Once the mixture is warm, I put the tip of the bottle, on my scalp and squeeze. Then I move the bottle around my head, hoping to cover most of my scalp. Next, I squeeze the honey onto the ends of my hair. One thing I've learned from this journey, is to always pay special attention to the ends of my hair. Now that the ends are saturated, I pour some of the mixture into the palm of my hands. Then, I rub my hands over the middle of each strands. After that, I cover with a plastic cap. The best time to do any pre poo is the night before, and sleep with it overnight. However, many weekends I am short on time, so I do the mixture and only leave it in for three or four hours.

The honey pre poo leaves my hair extra soft, and ready for my bentonite mixture!

Some days I wear my hair out, and as a result it's dry. On those days, I rub some deep conditioner into my hair, either under the honey pre poo or over it.