Sunday, April 29, 2012

End of the night hair
I definitely did the dance of joy yesterday! I was really nervous about how my hair would turn out. I knew it wasn't smart to try a new style, when I had a important outing to attend. Still I got it in my head to try "something new". I attempted my Mount Everest hair style, and didn't fail. In fact, dare I say it I passed?

This is the style I tried to duplicate, the idea was not mine.
I don't have the amount of length she does, so I worried. Thursday night I washed my hair, after that I applied some Giovanni Direct Leave In conditioner, and some Darcy's Botanicals Sweet Cocoa Bean Curl Smoothing Cream. Let's pause, I'm not writing that long name again, so for the rest of the post I'll refer to it as DB SCB. Whenever I twist wet hair, the end result is shrinkage. I wanted to stretch my hair, so I did fat plaits instead.

Friday afternoon, at 4:30pm, I grabs some "end papers", my spiral (perm) and flexi rods, and got to work. First I unraveled each plait, most of them were somewhat damp. That's a good thing this time around! The roots were damp, but not the ends. I had to re moisturize the ends of each unraveled plait. I sprayed some Shea Moisture Yucaa & Baobab Mist, and rubbed a dime size DB SCB on it (it being the ends). Then I went to work twisting, or flat twisting each section.

What section got what?
I did six medium size flat twist in the front of my head. Each flat twist was short, so I sorta only flat twisted the roots. I did two from the middle, coming down the front (my forehead). Thinking I could style a bang. Then I did two short flat twist, going towards my right ears, and two going to the left one. Next I put white paper on end of each twist. Then rolled each twist onto one spiral rod, starting at end twisting up. I rolled the rod all the way up to the roots. Anybody understand that, or am I rumbling like a crazy person? 

For the rest of my hair, I unraveled, sprayed, then rubbed cream, and did regular two strand twists (medium size). With the last row of twist in the back (nape), I used spiral rods on them, but for the rest of my head I used flexi rods. Recap only the front, last row in the back, and sides above both ears got spiral rods. The rest of my head I used flexi rods.

Don't ask why I'm making this face? (LOL)

I did a crazy mix of flexi and spiral rods, because I worried the middle would be too too short. I did the crazy mix of flat and regular twist because, I wanted some sections fuller than others. I always get full/big hair when I flat twist. Next time I will keep it simple, and just flat twist the roots of everything.

Heads up: When you remove the rods, and unravel the twist, no matter your hair type you will have to fluff. The key to this style is all about fluffing. I fluffed and didn't get a huge amounts of frizz (this time). :) I did notice, the spiral rod curls, looked better than the flexi rod curls. The right side came out better than the left, but I can't figure out why yet. My hair was very dry, so I had to wash it. However, you can spritz your hair to get it damp, and go from there.

You can view photo's of this hair style up close in this post HERE.