Friday, April 6, 2012

I am putting my hair on notice! No more boring styles like we did last year. Between now and December 25,20012, I plant to attempt(successfully)the following hair styles. So far I can do a chunky and flat twist out. I can also achieve a few simple pin up styles, but that's not enough I need an arsenal of style options at my disposal.

Here are my top 5 hair styles. When I see them I drool, and it's about time I made an attempt.

5. The reason I haven't made an attempt at this hair style yet, is it requires heat. I am on a no direct heat kick right now! Still, December 12 for my birthday celebration, I can attempt this one.

4. Dreaming of creating this style, is like hoping to one day take a magic carpet ride. Obviously I don't have the length required for this one. Still, a girl can dream right?! Maybe by the time I meet Mr. right I can wear this at my wedding.

3. I wanna channel Johnny Bravo so bad, I even made a sad attempt a few weeks back. The result was laughable. Don't let the style fool you, you will need some serious length to get the front looking right.

2. I literally just saw this early in the morning, and couldn't stop drooling. I always figured coils where for women with TWA's. It looks time consuming, but the results are so adorable. I am doing this during the summer (for sure)!

1. Aww the big one! If you've been reading from the very beginning, you already know I have wanted to do this style for a whole year now. I made an attempt once, but the results were horrible. Again I believe the results have everything to do with the lack of length. This style is my Mount Everest,I have to climb it!!

What about you ladies? What styles have you drooling right now? Have you tried a new style recently, was your hair type, length or texture a factor?

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