Saturday, September 15, 2012

Something is going on with my scalp, and it's all completely new to me! Parts of my scalp is white and flaky, and other parts has sores (scabs) on it. This is only happening in the front, and sides of my head. Honestly, I have never been one to oil/grease my scalp. Still, this wasn't happening before I started installing these extensions. I started alternating between rubbing Castor and Olive oil on my scalp, but that wasn't any help either. Time to bring out the big guns! The only problem is all these product have Petroleum, Lanolin, and all that other bad stuff in them. Screw it, I wash often enough, plus my scalp isn't healthy if it can't breathe! I'll keep you ladies updated.......
The Big Guns!

Any of you ladies have these scalp issues? What are the signs I need to see a professional (dermatologist)?