Friday, March 22, 2013

 Now that I am wearing a wig, I need a great regimen that allows me to moisturized my hair daily.  I want to continue co washing my hair a minimum of 3x per week , as advised by the professional hair stylist.  Also I want to keep my hair in a protective style for at least a month. I install cornrows, flat twist, two strand twist and braided the ends of my hair. That way, I can co wash every other night, and baggy the nights I see dry hair.
 1. Co Wash my hair, while it is the protective style every other night. Which basically mean wash with creamy conditioner. :)
 2. Overnight, I baggy whenever my hair is really dry.
 3. Sometimes, I baggying under my wig during the day, again if my hair is dry.
 4. I try to use my hand held steamer daily. I plug it into a long extension cord fill it up with water. Then hold onto sections of my hair while watching a television show in bed.
  5. Before using the hand held steamer, I put product in my hair. Sometimes I rub some leave in conditioner in, and then steam. Other times, I spray my DIY hair spritz in, and then steam. The last option, is to spray with some  Scurl moisturizer, and then steam. 
6. No matter which option I chose before I steam, my after steam routine is constant. I always seal with oil and a creamy moisturizer.
 7. Of course, I protect my strands at night, by sleeping with a 100% silk bonnet. Get yours now!
 8. Once a month I clarify with a regular shampoo. Thanks to everyone who helped, me fine tune this under wig regimen. Now I just need to get myself a new wig.  I am pretty much over this Finger Comber Unit. The novelty has worn off!   F.Y.I I am wearing the Finger Comber Unit wig in all the photos in this post.